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Before you start

 Building Permits

All building permits must go before City Council. Applications need to be turned in by noon on the Friday preceding the Council meeting. Building permits are required on all inside/outside projects. A Copy of the Ordinance can be obtained at City Hall.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for approval. The fee for a building permit is based on the cost of the project. Contractors performing work inside City limits must have a City and WV State license. Fines can be given for failure to obtain a permit.

Building permit fee:
$10.00 - total cost (work & material) up to $1,000.00
$30.00 - total cost (work & material) up to $3,500.00
For work over $3,500.00 call City Hall 304-329-1225

 Burning Permits

A reminder from the WV DIVISION OF FORESTRY

The 5 pm Burning Law is in effect during the following months:
 MARCH 1 through MAY 31

 OCTOBER 1 through DECEMBER 31 

The City of Kingwood requires you to call in when and where you are going to make a fire. Call 304-329-1225 during office hours.


  1. No burning until after 5 pm. Fire must be extinguished by 7 am the next morning.
  2. Fire must be attended at all times.
  3. Area must be cleared down to mineral soil for a minimum distance of 10 feet around what is being burned.
  4. If your fire escapes, you are liable for the costs of fighting the fire and any damage the fire may do to others.

    Fines ranging from $100 to $1,000. An additional civil penalty of $200 will also be   

    Additional information and a list of safe debris-burning tips: www.wvforestry.com

 Yard Sale Permits

Residents are limited to four sales per year per resident and/or residence. Please obtain a permit at City Hall 2 days prior to your sale. Yard sale permits are $5.00 per day. Fines can be given for failure to obtain permit or failure to remove advertising signs.


 City License

A City License has to be obtained at City Hall for anyone doing business in the City of Kingwood. To receive your city license we need a copy of your WV Business Registration and Contractor License.

Application for City License

For more information call City Hall @304-329-1225