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April 25, 2019,

Dear Customer,

Your account number will change on May 1, 2019.  Kingwood Water Works will be utilizing a new billing/payment system to better serve our customers.  Some changes being made to the system are:

1.    Account number change: PLEASE check your bill to verify your new account number. If you are mailing a payment or coming into the office, it is very important to return the portion of the bill marked “RETURN WITH PAYMENT”. In the very near future, your bill will be scanned to process your payment. If you do not return this portion of the bill, there will be delays in processing your payment.


2.    We now have the ability to draft your account via ACH. There is no fee to use this service. If you are interested in setting your account up for ACH draft, please contact me at (304) 329-0770.


3.    Beginning May 1st, please go to Kingwoodwv.org and select “View or Pay Your Bill Online” This will take you to the new website for bills and payments. Invoice Cloud is no longer in use. You will need to register for a new account on the new site.


Kingwood Water Works appreciates you as a customer.  We hope to keep providing the best services for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at (304) 329-0770.