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Bill pay services provided by DOXO are not endorsed by Kingwood Water Works, nor can we accept any responsibility for transactions conducted through DOXO. While this service does list contact information for the City of Kingwood, we have no affiliation with this company. Because we recently refused to contract with DOXO, they are now rejecting payments made to Kingwood Water. Customers of DOXO are receiving messages from DOXO that state the City is rejecting their payments. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We do not reject payments. We are not affiliated with DOXO and have no way to do so. If you wish to sign up on auto-pay for free, please contact the office at (304) 329-0770. Thank you.
ACH is now available. Please stop by the office to sign up. This service is free to all customers. 

Our web-pay system is ready! Please click the below button to connect to our secure server.